Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Storytelling That Sticks: The Google 15

Google has been the great-web-user-experience-example darling for a while now. I remember observing how people would pass around stories to people about the search, the maps and Google Earth. "Look, you can zoom in and see where you live!" was said a lot. This impresses me about Google. They continually generate mass oral tradition. The latest story I viewed on where their work environment got them to be the new #1 Best Company to Work For by Fortune Magazine. One thing in particular stuck with me: The Google 15. The food is free and they have 11 cafeterias around their GooglePlex, so people tend to put on 15 pounds when the start working there. There is even a google module created by someone that works at google to track your weight here:

Yet another story that sticks, is easy to pass around, and is a much more memorable than just saying that Google is the #1 place to work in America. For a company that makes a living on technology, it amazes me how good they are at the non-technology stuff like generating stories that stick.

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Storytelling that sticks to your ribs