Sunday, February 25, 2007

Hide Your Children -- Microsoft is Coming!

It's interesting to me how new products from companies are portrayed by the media. When Apple is announcing new products there is this sort of innovation buzz surrounding it. Apple seems to manage this really well and plan on it on a quarterly basis. Microsoft, on the other hand, usually gets a negative or almost fearful wave of news as new products are release. From IE7 to Zune to Vista. Here's an example:

Here Comes Windows Vista -- Like It or Not

Where's the buzz? Can't wait to go get me an upgrade after reading this. I think Microsoft's brand has been damaged by not delivering repeated good experiences. Funny thing is I'm not having such a great time with Google products but they are still poster-children for genius design. I can't get Google video links to work or Blogger to remember my Google account to make it easier to write this blog. Google flaws seem forgivable while Microsoft problems seem to get piled on.

From their current marketing pitches and vibe on the web they seem to be looking to change. Seeing this go beyond words and departmental changes within the company is going to be the key. Start making things that work well over and over and the words will ring true. Here are some things I thought show that they are at least looking in a good direction to deliver better UX Design:

I also wonder...Could your typical Microsoft-sucks or Apple-is-great kind of story also be the result of lazy reporting?

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