Sunday, February 11, 2007

Living in iPod Oblivion: The real iPod Killer

New York Senator Carl Kruger is looking to ban the use of iPods on the streets of NYC. He wants to make it against the law to listen to any kind of electronic device while crossing a street in any major New York city or face a $100 fine. Being hit by a bus because you can't hear people screaming for you to stop is the story that drives this legislation.

I would also like to call for the following:
  • Talking on a NY Subway with a friend while listening to your iPod. This leads to overly loud babble followed by the apology of, "Oh, was I yelling? Sorry, I had my iPod on. Yeah...I can't hear myself." $25 fine plus a $1,000 fine if caught stating the obvious.

  • The use of non-in-ear headphones on trains and subways and turning your iPod all the way up. I can hear that awful music you are listening to. I want the ability to make a citizen's arrest here and have the right to taser.

  • Should legislation really interfere with Darwinism? People that walk into buses probably shouldn't be allowed to procreate anyway. If you are hit by a bus while listening to an iPod and surivive you must be neutered plus a $50 fine.

  • Holding your iPod in your hand and waving it around so everyone can see that you have the latest iPod. Clearly this points out I have my old crappy one that isn't cool anymore. Everyone should have to keep their iPod in a generic, technology-concealing sleeve in social situations in NYC. If caught, lawbreakers should have to wear an orange jumpsuit for a year.

  • Anyone driving while listening to their iPod that cuts me off AND flips me the bird. Consecutive life sentences for this.
Here is more on the Kruger's idea to legistlate.

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