Sunday, February 25, 2007

Revenge is a Dish Best Served...Online?

Khan quotes an old Klingon proverb in Star Trek II while exacting revenge on his mortal enemy, James T. Kirk. These days you don't have to hijack a starship and steal the Genesis device to get your vengeance. All you need is a blog, and they are free. Frank Bruni the restaurant critic of the New York Times recently gave Jeffrey Chodorow’s new restaurant Kobe Club zero stars and a scathing review.

Chodorow gained notoriety from his stint on the TV Show “The Restaurant” as Rocco DiSpirito’s meddling patron. That show ended in litigation and the closing of the restaurant.

So how does Chodorow avenge a zero star review on his new baby? He takes out a $40,000 full page angry ad in the NY Times…and starts a blog. Like Kolchak the Night Stalker, he vows to follow Mr. Bruni’s trail of reviews to provide his own take on the same establishments.

It’s interesting to me how a blog can almost create this air of a level playing field online so that an individual can go up against an established behemoth like the NY Times. I can see this happening more and more against mass media critiques. Mass media will of course respond with their own blog. I enjoy Bruni’s blog and look forward to seeing how this plot thickens. There's also the opening of Chodorow's new restaurant Wild Salmon to keep things interesting.

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