Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Tire Swing 2.0

This great cartoon has gotten an update and a website dedicated to it:

On the website you can edit the captions, rearrange and remove the cells, and share your personalized version with your geek-friends that will get the humor.

Strange comparison, but...
The effect this cartoon has on most people reminds me of the scene in True Romance where Dennis Hopper makes his point to Christopher Walken through a story about the history of Sicilians. You are not sure where he is going with his story until he gets to the end and asks if Walken can tell if he's lying (Great music in the scene that crescendos as the scene does).
I see this impact whenever I show this cartoon to someone that hasn't seen it. They giggle a bit throughout the different cells and when they get to the end there usually is a knowing smirk and a nod. Acquiescing to the point that the current lifecycle in place may have something to be desired when it comes to really knowing what the customer wants.

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