Wednesday, February 14, 2007

What Customer Tested This?

I just went to the Riedel website and ended up staring at the screen waiting for something I could click on to appear. I waited. Was something loading? Here is the link:

Did you experience the same thing I did? How many customers do you think you'd have to put this in front of in order to figure out that this was a brick wall? Interesting how a website can give you a glimpse into the design process a company implements.
If you didn't figure it out, you have to stretch the browser very wide for the interface to appear on the left. The browser title bar reads, "you are welcome." Thanks?


Genevieve said...

I found something similar at

Michael Grossman said...

Great find. What is the visual cue to mouse over the beams to get to the main categories? It's also nice to see the lay of the entire land while making a decision where to go at these high levels of a website. You don't have that ability here by hiding them until mouseover.

A simple question to ask a user would be to ask them to try and find out how to contact Aljira. I'm sure that is an objective of theirs, and testing that component seems simple enough if you make gathering user feedback a part of the process.