Friday, March 30, 2007

David and Me

I and the other four eyeballs on this blog were surprised to learn that someone famous who was the subject of a previous entry here not only visited, but responded to me. David Pogue was hurt by my critique of the style of humor he injects into his New York Times video blogs, so he made me the subject of his latest video blog and swore he’d never ever use such humor again.

I have always been a fan of David and his work. I feel terrible about his pain! His strong reaction by posting a video blog about me on the front page of the has given me cause to reflect upon my dislike of his silly skits. I need to clarify something first. It’s more about the ratio of yuck-yucks to insightful content being skewed towards the yuck-yucks. I love technology and want more of David’s fine commentary! David, if you are reading this, email me and let's have dinner. Why can't we all just get along, as Rodney said?

I am here to say today that I’ve seen the light. I think I have found the funny.

Here is a direct link for those of you blocked from embedded video.

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Jose Antonio said...

Maybe is good to think positive and to try to make critics in both ways: suggesting changes and praising.
Then when the praising is too late... is difficult to believe.