Thursday, March 1, 2007

Dying from Gaming. TV Was Never So Scary.

I remember the guy who died in the 1983 movie, "Brainstorm" by watching a loop of a sex scene through a new direct-to-brain playback machine (Check out all the great analog widgets in the screen grab from movie). Are we there yet? An obese 26 year old man from China played online games for 7 days straight and abruptly died. It is interesting how becoming a participant in the experience may lead to death versus just being an observer of TV. Although this is rare, I remember reading of others as well who have died from being gaming addicts. Are we at the tip of an iceberg here? As technology advances makes the gaming experience more real will there be more physical impact here? Will my healthcare cover this? Life insurance? Here's more about this.


Genevieve Grossman said...

He may have had a heart attack, but he didn't die because he helped Christophed Walken later on in the movie.

Guess What?

Michael Grossman said...

Doh! I forgot. Mille grazi!