Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Google Buys In-Game Ad Company and Promises That the UX Will Come First

Google bought the in-game ad firm Adscape Media for an estimated $23 million. I admit that I don't have the time I used to have to play video games having 2 young children, but I have to disagree with Google's assessment that in-game ads add to the realism of a game. Whenever I see product placement in movies I'm immediately taken out of the movie experience. It's almost jarring. I'm very interested in seeing how they go about making the UX outweigh the Ads. I'm creeped out a little too. Here's more on this:


Steve Portigal said...

You should try and see Value Added Cinema - composed only of product placement snippets from other films. Stunning!

Michael Grossman said...

Steve, the link to info about the movie on your blog entry was broken. Your post was really intriguing so I went and found this 5 minute clip from the indy movie Value-Added Cinema. Really great stuff. Thanks for sharing this.