Monday, March 5, 2007

Idiocratic Online Ad Harassment

There are many definitions of harassment you can find online, probably due to the litigious connotation. I liked this one:

Any form of unwanted, deliberate or offensive behavior, violent or psychological, that has been requested to be stopped.
I looked it up because I felt I had been harassed while trying to read about my favorite basketball team, the lowly New York Knicks. I’m harassed enough just being a fan, but that’s another blog entry. They had just won an exciting game, so I’ll take good news when I can get it. Right in the middle of reading, Andrew Dice Clay appears in front of the text to tell me about his new TV show. I resize the browser, but he is glued to the bottom center of the page, where the story is. Granted, this is really cool technology having a video cast a shadow on a regular browser. I didn’t ask for this though. Get off my content! If I try to get rid of it and it stays there, this qualifies as harassment to me.

Movies that have foreshadowed this from Blade Runner to Idiocracy couldn’t have been more right. We may be doomed. Note to self: Buy canned goods and bottled water.

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