Thursday, March 22, 2007

A Microsoft Security Update That Sells? Windows Genuine Advantage is Spam

This morning I was prompted to download the latest security patch from Microsoft. I had just lost my hard drive 2 months ago so I, of course, complied. It was called "Windows Genuine Advantage" and if I had the time to look it up before installing it I don't know why I would ever want this. Instead, I kneeled before the Great Microsoft and let them do their thing. I don't have time to agonize over patches, as they are so frequent. At the end of the download up pops a browser telling me that the "Validation was successful. Thank you for using genuine Windows." Then it proceeds to show me a big huge ad that is selling Windows Vista and a bunch of other crap I don't want. Congratulations! Now pay me!

What is wrong with them? Why would they waste their Good Experience Capital with me with this awful hunk of spam? Just when you think Microsoft may be getting it they just can't help themselves. Could you ever see Apple installing an operating system patch that sold the new Apple OS? Oh no...I've just stepped into the age-old Mac/PC debate.

Of course I understand why they are doing this (verifying genuine copies of Windows) but they could have absolutely done this in a manner that would have made me a happy customer. I could have been rewarded for having a genuine copy. They could have warned me up front that this wasn't one of their typical security patches. Instead of giving me links to their free stuff I don't want, they could have explained that without this I wouldn't get future security patches that I do want. The result is next time I go to install a patch I have to take time to read through it, research it and that is time I could be doing other things. Thanks Microsoft.

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