Friday, March 23, 2007

Part 2 of Seinfeldesque Questions: Why Can't Google Get Its Assets Working Together?

Google is often referred to when examples of good user experience and innovation are needed these days. I like their offerings and their acquisitions, but I'm having repeated bad experiences getting them to work together.

Google Video gives you a component to post videos to your Blogger account, but it doesn't work no matter how many times I've tried (see my post on 7 Kinds of Broken by Seth Godin).

Blogger gets all excited when I sign in with my Gmail account and asks me if I want to be remembered but it never does. I still click on it every time hoping it will be fixed one day.

YouTube has a Post Video component that is supposed to let you post directly to your blog, but it doesn't work. It even gives you a nice message when you try that says "Your post is successful and will be published very soon." I wonder if I will have a flood of posts from them tomorrow from me trying over and over to get it to work.

Aren't these core components of Web 2.0? Integrating these things is probably not trivial, but it is clearly what makes them valuable in the years to come. Your search and maps are great Google, but please get your assets in sync so I can enjoy using them instead of being frustrated.

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