Wednesday, March 14, 2007

PC World Ranks the 50 Most Important People on the Web

People love these made-up lists. I like them because I get to learn about people I may not have known about. PC World attempts to list the people shaping our online experiences and our culture. There are the usual suspects here that we have come to rely on such as Apple, Google, Amazon, Wiki, Craigslist, YouTube, Digg, Skype, Blogger, WordPress and Adaptive Path. Here are some of the others that caught my eye:

9. Marissa Meyer
They perpetuate more of these “stories” about Google in the mention regarding Marissa’s Employee Movie Nights rather than focus on her great views on innovation.

13. Henry Chon, CEO, Cyworld
90% of people in their teens & twenties in South Korea have a Cyworld account. That amazes me that I’ve never heard of this and it’s so pervasive there.

33. David Farber, Founder,
I didn’t know about David so I went to see his online offering. As I tried to perform a search on any topic though, it didn’t work. Wah wah. Bad experience…Seems interesting, but will I return?

37. Drew Curtis, Founder,
In-between the shits & giggles there are always great news finds on The smart-ass fark captions that precede the story links make this site better than most news aggregators.

45. Nick Denton, Founder, Gawker Media
I find really great stories on these blogs, especially Gizmodo.

50. Tila Tequila, MySpace Personality Are they serious? There are so many contenders for these spots. I understand their point, but come on. My vote is for Steve Portigal's blog All This ChittahChattah to replace Tila. Steve was already listed last year in Communication Arts as one of the 50 Essential Bookmarks, so maybe they felt he had too much exposure.


Steve Portigal said...

Thanks for the inclusion, although it appears that Gizmodo is now hosting my blog? This is news to me. Perhaps some linkage-typey failure in the editing?

Michael Grossman said...

That is really weird. I've been having problems with Blogger recently. Here it combined the last 2 paragraphs. Funny thing is that it almost read as if I meant it. Quite a mash-up. I've fixed it.

Steve Portigal said...

Not fixed, yet. My blog's name still goes to Gizmodo!

Michael Grossman said...