Saturday, March 24, 2007

Portrait Professional Gives Us Online Drive-Thru Botox

This is probably the creepiest software I've ever seen. Portrait Professional is software that allows you to the following:

  • Face sculpting Skin tone controls
  • Eyes and teeth whitening
  • Open / closed mouth
  • Hair, glasses, jewelery, adornments

I don't want to live in a zitless world without facial imperfections. We are born with freckles and our eyes may be too close together. Do we really need software to misrepresent ourselves? How can you use these "professional" portraits on anything but crappy, impersonal stock photography? With the way the web is evolving we are getting more personal, not more disconnected. If you use this on images of yourself they aren't pictures of you. They are distortions of who you are. Will there be a plug-in in the future that will add lost eyes, arms or legs? Do you want to be remembered on your wedding day with a different facial structure? Where are we headed with super cheap tools like this?

See more for yourself with their online circus freak show.

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