Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Recent Annoying Experiences (RAE): ESPN.com & Blogger

These are a couple of things that have bugged me recently. First off, ESPN does really interesting stuff with upgrading their website. Usually it is cool stuff. Not cool is the help text layer that appears over headlines you are trying to scan through. Help text in general is a good thing. Here it interferes with winnowing through the top headlines trying to decide what you want to read (see image above). I don't think in this case help text is even needed as the text provides enough to make a decision to go further. I found myself constantly moving my mouse out of the way.

The next RAE is with Blogger. Did you know they are out of Beta? That's great, except they haven't let everyone else know. When you go to other sites that allow you to post content to your blog or interesting widgets they ask you, "Are you on Blogger or Blogger BETA?" I was excited to say I wasn't on BETA anymore, but unfortunately this means something very different and causes an error. Evidently, Blogger without the BETA label means the OLD blogger which evidently has a different authentication scheme.

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