Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Shure: Turning a Bad Experience into a Good Experience Capital

I recently traveled to London on Virgin Atlantic. To make the trip more enjoyable I brought my favorite headphones, Shure E2C’s. They aren’t anywhere near as expensive as their top of the line models, but $100 for me is a lot for headphones. While on the flight, the wire on the headphones was accidentally severed. I was so disappointed. I ended up wearing the crappy Virgin headphones.

After about a month of mourning and trying to figure out what I wanted to do for a new pair of headphones, I ended up contacting Shure. I told them my story. The man on the phone told me it would probably be around $50 to replace them, maybe $70. I bit the bullet and sent them the severed headphones and credit card info.

Yesterday I received a brand new set of E2C headphones from Shure, with an invoice stating “**REPLACED AT NO CHARGE**”. I can't tell you how much good experience capital Shure has gotten with me. I have my nice headphones back!

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