Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Terry Bradshaw and Kevin Nealon are...Innovators?

I stumbled across this press release about a conference called Momentum 2007 – Value Through Innovation. It is promoted as a conference on Innovation and Best Practices of Global Supply Chains with insights from Terry Bradshaw and Kevin Nealon. Cool. Wait…What?

Lawrence Taylor and Bill Walsh are known as innovators in the NFL. Ricky Gervais and Bill Hicks are known as comedic innovators. I have nothing against Terry Bradshaw or Kevin Nealon (although I’m strangely bothered by Kevin having a full head of 80s-hair now and being pretty bald in the movie Roxanne). Clearly these are famous people, but not innovators. They may have philosophies on how they went about being successful, but not being innovative.

The press release even reads strangely:

Selected for the innovations they have introduced to the sports and entertainment industries respectively, Football Hall of Famer Terry Bradshaw and Saturday Night Live comedian Kevin Nealon will keynote Momentum 2007 and share their personal stories of using new ways of thinking to address familiar challenges.

“The issues companies face with respect to forecasting demand, planning to satisfy that demand and balancing cost and customer service are not new; they have existed since commerce has existed,” said Pete Sinisgalli, Manhattan Associates president and CEO.
Do those 2 paragraphs go together to you? I wish they would just be honest and say that if you go to the conference you’ll get to hear Terry’s and Kevin’s shtick, end of story. Get a football signed and have a few yucks with the Subliminal Man Not funny then, not funny now. It would be funny to see this listed on someone’s resume as a conference on innovation with these two.

Here's a link to the official press release:


Steve Portigal said...

Innovation is hotsex changing the face of lickme business today.

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