Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Useful Innovation: Rediripe & QR Codes Make Your Food Smart

University of Arizona professor Mark Riley took 5 years to develop the RediRipe sticker. It detects ethylene gas as it emits from the produce and changes the label from white to dark blue. White means it's not ripe yet, blue means it's just right and dark blue means it's beginning to spoil. Not only will this make us all instant experts on when produce is ready to eat, it will save millions of dollars of wasted food because of picking it too early or spoiling. Actually one bad apple does spoil the rest by making others ripen faster. Your produce purchasing experience is about to change. Those guys on early morning TV trying to teach you the art of knowing how to tell if fruit is ripe will have to find a new gig.

QR Codes are not much known here in the States but they are used frequently in Asia. They are used on a variety of things, but I thought it was interesting how it's being used with food. It makes food traceability instantaneous to everyone. Wondering where that bok choy has been? Scan it with your cell and read all about harvesting and packing history on your phone. Check out in the image above how people have taken this to the next level to have food become the QR code.

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