Friday, April 13, 2007

Just What I Wanted To Read Abou-err…Sponsored Stories?

A while back I blogged about how abcnews was doing interesting stuff on their homepage (no, not the arm in the crocodile!). They were creating ‘trigger categories’ when there was a story that had a lot of content around it. still has the typical generic categories such as “In The News” and “Politics,” but has recently added a new category… (drumroll) … “Sponsored Stories”? The strange thing about this is the term “Sponsored” is usually wrapped around the crap section where websites are selling you something. Right at the bottom of is a "Sponsored Links" section full of junk you ignore. To make it worse, this is not what this section is about. It actually has some good content here. That explains why they make the background color different for this section than all others. I still wanted to ignore it just because of the label. has 3,750 pixels of vertical real estate on their homepage. Making the labels of these link buckets as explicit and engaging is what we want, not Sponsored-anything.

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