Monday, April 23, 2007

You Got Vitamins in My Diet Coke!

“Some people love Diet Coke…Some people love vitamins…But the taste they make when you put them together is a delicious taste all its own!”

When I received an email from my Wegman’s Food Store promoting Diet Coke Plus, all I could think of was the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups commercials from the eighties. Coke promotes this as “everything you love about Diet Coke, plus several essential nutrients your body needs.” This will make drinking Diet Coke healthy? I’m so creeped out by this mashup. There are people out there addicted to Diet Coke. What happens if you drink 20 cans of this a day?

I found the “Diet Coke Story” on their website:

  • 1982 Diet Coke is introduced
  • 1983 Caffeine-Free Diet Coke is introduced
  • 1986 Diet Cherry Coke is introduced
  • 1987 "Just for the Taste of It" campaign
  • 1989 "The Move is On to Diet Coke" campaign
  • 1990 Paula Abdul and Elton John in Diet Coke commercials
  • 1991 "There's Just One" TV campaign
  • 1994 Diet Coke's TV spot creates a star
  • 2001 Diet Coke with Lemon introduced
  • 2002 Diet Vanilla Coke introduced
  • 2004 Diet Coke with Lime introduced
  • 2005 Diet Coke Sweetened with SPLENDA™ Brand Sweetener introduced
  • 2006 Diet Black Cherry Vanilla Coke introduced
What is the real story here?

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