Sunday, May 13, 2007 Gets Taller, But Still Manages to Screw It Up

After last month’s drastic shrinkage in its redesign, has added another 107 pixels of height back on the to homepage design. Maybe they read through the hundreds of well-written negative responses submitted by their users regarding the redesign and wanted to show them they were listening. Unfornately, although you can now see more content (please evoke the Debbie-Downer “wah-wah” horn sound in your head at this point) 53% of this new space is occupied by banner ads. Yes, 531 pixels out of 1,000 in width is dedicated to banner ads. That's right, more than half. How many ways can you say this? That leaves room for two more stories.

Look at what the does with the same amount of width. They give you six blurbs and links to stories with really great thumbnail images:

This reminds me of feedback I recently received from a round of customer interviews. We asked them what they thought of a new design component, and their response was that even though there was value in the new component there was more negative impact on their overall experience. Now imaging getting that important feedback and basically ignoring it. Wah-wah!


Adam Messinger said...

Thanks for sending me a note about this. I've updated my write-up of the redesign with a link to your post about this "fix."

I'm beginning to think Jon Henshaw was right: they really are trying to punish their readers.

Anonymous said...

ABC launched a new home page this weekend. I think they have learned their lesson from the previous design. Don't pay a big agency big bucks or you get a big cluster F*%K! The new home page is a step in the right direction. They are obviously moving towards a more streamlined, tried and true approach in the new design. Bravo ABC for your work on this new design.