Thursday, May 31, 2007

CEOs In A Plastic Bubble

I was reading this article on about how 75% of CEOs believe that their customer service is "above average" while 60% of actual customers say they are somewhat to extremely upset with the same experience. 81% of those same customers will never purchase anything from those companies again. The article goes on to talk about how they believe that this is the fault of CEOs thinking that it’s not their company that sucks, it’s the other guy.

What this seems like to me is that most CEOs do not have a customer channel in place to garner such important info. This data would not only shed light on what customers are unhappy about, but can lead to innovation. Why isn’t this a core part of every company’s product lifecycle? Features and functions are typically born from low hanging fruit, which most of these companies focus on. Cost avoidance kills the ability to invest in things that don’t have simple math to show value, such as user experience. After reading this I think that David McQuillen’s customer immersion tactics are even more a necessary tool to cure executive blindness to the customer experience.

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