Monday, May 7, 2007

Register Your Skin Color with Spencer Tunick

Spencer Tunick, the Busby-Berkeley-ish photographer of nude subjects, just photographed 18,000 naked people in Mexico. He did things like having them all give a military salute and surround a naked man in a wheelchair. I went to his website to learn more about him, but the only content on his website is to register to participate in upcoming nude shoots. I thought it was interesting that you have to provide your skin tone via a drop-down. He does this on another registration website as well (see image above). I didn’t know what my tone was on this scale. I knew I wasn’t a 6 or 7, but could probably be any of the others depending on the time of year. I guess for a nude picture of 18,000 people it really doesn’t matter how accurate you are. I'll have to keep this design pattern in my back-pocket for the next website I design that needs to capture skin tone.

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