Monday, May 28, 2007

Things Are Usable Because I Believe They Are Usable

Recently there was a study performed where people were asked if they preferred their current cell phone experience or the experience of the Apple iPhone. 90% of people in the study preferred the iPhone. The only problem is that they were only shown a video of iPhone capabilities, and not given the actual phone.

How much of this is the accumulated good user experience capital Apple has garnered over the last decade? How much of this is attributed to the powerful stories people share about how easy Apple products are to use? Apple has also become well known as company that churns out innovation consistently, so I’m sure that plays a part in this too.

It is strange, while very interesting, to conduct a study on something that doesn’t yet actually exist. I’d love to talk to the same study participants after they have used an actual iPhone for 3 months.

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