Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Surfing With The Big Boys

Everyone is excited about the iPhone. I am more excited about Safari. I installed this web browser by Apple on my PC last night. I'm really curious to see how this will integrate in the overall good experience of working with iTunes and iPhone. I can just sense the excitement of the bots, viruses, trojans and other nasty things lurking in the wings to find ways to exploit this tender, new browser fledgling. Let the games begin!

It's refreshing to see another Apple application on my Windows machine. iTunes has needed a buddy. I have had Macs since 1987. That's when I spent $2,500 for a Mac SE with a 512x512 1 bit display. Those were the days. HyperCard and MacPaint were great, but it was the MIDI connection that inspired me to open my wallet. Sequencing music with Performer was a brave new world that kept me up through the night testing the boundaries.

Over the last couple years though, my time on my Mac has dwindled. I can't afford to install all the software I purchase for the PC or the beautiful, but very expensive Mac hardware. After installing Safari however, I think the bug has bitten me again.

Although this also means another browser to test on the Windows platform, that price is well worth it if the web experience benefits. While Firefox is cool, it's not wagging the industry with really amazing things. Maybe Safari's entry to the fold will get everyone to start innovating a bit more in this space.

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