Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Old Skoolin With Cassettes

I had this big box of cassette tapes of old recordings from the last 40 years of my life. It took me almost a month of working here and there, but I’ve digitized them all. Before I could even begin, I had to purchase a new cassette deck, after finding that my old one from 10 years ago stopped working. The stereo store had one left in a back office that they sold to me for $50 (originally sold for $350).

It was really strange. It brought back all kinds of sensations of the experience of working with cassette tapes. When fast forwarding through songs, you used to get this knack for knowing when to stop and play, listening to the magnetic heads drop down to touch the oxide strip. You’d also have to guesstimate how much music you could get on each side before running out of tape. I remembered having to deal with them in my car, and how sometimes the tape would get stuck in the stereo and you’d have to finesse it out.

So now, everything on the tapes is now in MP3 format on my computer and iPod. I can forward through dozens of recordings in seconds, create playlists and shuffle them. How spoiled we are.

Here is some fruits of my labor:

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