Thursday, July 5, 2007

What Happened to Good Old Coffee Machines? The Flavia Creation 400 Drinks Station

What is that thing with the fancy lights and buttons where the coffee maker used to be next to the bottle of Fantastik? [Cue the heavenly music like in The Simpsons opening] This is the brand new coffee machine! A Creation 400 Drinks Station by Flavia. Look...It has a screen that tells me things! I now have "over 30 drinks to inspire my imagination!" [If only someone had told procurement to order 30 types of drinks this would be heaven...wah wah] Coffees, Teas, Indulgence, Chocolates, Wellbeing, and Even More Choices too! It reminds me to "Catch that aroma of prefect freshly brewed coffee" and to "Enjoy my drink!" just in case I may have forgotten. It also has a lovely loading animation while the little bag is spitting coffee into my cup. Wait – [Cue the needle scratching across the record sound] Loading animation? Don't they use those things on websites when things take too long to do something? OK...the honeymoon is over.

There are people that post slideshows of their Flavia experience. Flavia has a "" website with demo flash animations. Flavia uses language like this to describe the experience:

The new 'funky' look combines an almost retro feel with modern ergonomics
  • It moves FLAVIA away from the more 'industrial' and functional presentation typical of hot drinks systems
  • Its stylish design compliments any office and follows through the FLAVIA family of drinks stations
  • Specially designed to suggest choice
  • Stimulates with a welcoming, easy and fun to use interface now I am feeling like the guy who walked 10 miles uphill with no legs to get to school when he was a kid. Remember when you used to take a filter and real coffee and put it into one of those machines that basically had a couple burners and a hot water dispenser? No directions needed. A couple red switches and lights and you were good to go. It took as long as it took to brew.

The old Bunn machine used to create stories and personas. There were those who would be heroic and always put on a fresh pot to brew. Some would do it and bitch about the ones who would just take coffee and never make any for others. There were times when you were running late for a meeting but had just enough time to get a fresh pot brewing and you had that great feeling of helping out others while having a nice cup to look forward to after the meeting. So what that your choices were basically coffee or tea? Did we really want this many choices to basically throw caffeine into our system to help get through the day? [Check out this video Barry Schwartz speaking at Google on this topic] Now, we each get our own cup brewed fresh every time and don't ever have to think about anyone else. We don't even have to talk to anyone else in the coffee room anymore. We can talk to the Creation 400.


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