Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Nitpicking? Bull! Checkbox/Radio Button Usage 101

This is absolutely nitpicking, but if you had someone manage money on your behalf you might nitpick with them too. Merrill Lynch makes a lot of money and manages lots of money. When I signed into my account tonight, there was this form I had to fill out before getting to any data. Obviously they are looking to save money on having to send out actually statements by defaulting to saying "no don’t send me anything." I can live with that, although they make enough money to just send the silly things. I like saving trees, so I will do it anyway. What annoyed me is that they use checkboxes in places where they should obviously use radio buttons. It makes me rethink my decision to let them manage my hard earned cake. Ok...I feel better now.

UPDATE Jan 17, 2008: 'Anonymous' (C'mon...Who are you?!) wanted to see the full screen without the 'bull.' Below is the original screen grab:

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Anonymous said...

The bull is obscuring the UI and I am not able to understand what the UI is supposed to do.