Sunday, August 26, 2007

Old Media: "Cancelled." New Media: "All Hope Is Not Lost! Anchorwoman Can Be Saved!"

There was news this morning that a new Fox TV series, "Anchorwoman" has been cancelled after a single episode. It attracted a third of the viewers that the previous time slot had a week earlier. This isn't that interesting to me. What is kind of interesting is that as soon as the news hits tradional media, the star of the show is broadcasting her own messages via new media. Lauren Jones, the star, posted this message on her MySpace page:

Hey guys, It has been a roller coaster of a day, as you can probably imagine. Last night, Anchorwoman aired on FOX at 8pm and we received lower ratings than what the network had hoped for. When I say "ratings", it means that the viewership was not there; we simply needed more people to tune in. Those who did loved it! We just needed more to have known about it so they could have loved it also!

This may have happened for a number of reasons. We only filmed the show in June and then quickly turned it and aired it in August. That is quick and doesn't leave much time to get a huge audience on board. That could be one component. The word was truly not out there as it could have been. There are also many other reasons that the viewership wasn't there. The thing that stinks about this is that Anchorwoman is such a great show and gets better and more fun with each episode! It gets funnier, more tense, more lovable, and we all believe in it - still! And there is some good news, and it's tough to be positive during a time like this, as I'm sure you can imagine. Those who actually saw the first two episodes LOVED it!!! This means a number of things! While the show is no longer on FOX on Wednesdays at 8pm, it will STILL run - we just don't know the details yet - and possibly be ressurected in another, possibly better fashion! All hope is not lost, this could possibly turn out good. The show may go to another network, we are not sure. Voice your opinion and let FOX know how you feel, because nothing in this world is permanent.

Share your thoughts, voice your opinion... you and your voice matter!

Lauren Jones

I've blogged about how this can work with the famous tons-o-peanuts campaign to save Jericho and how ON Networks is taking this to the next level. I'm interested to see how using these tools for a show that doesn't have a lot of buzz and hasn't won critical praise will fare.

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