Sunday, August 12, 2007

Third Strike: The Hidden Cost of Windows Compels an Apple Reunion

My computer has crashed and I have lost everything, for the third time in a year. This is very painful. I have a backup of files from a couple months ago, but recovering the files is just part of the mess. Re-installing all the software I work with and getting the workspace set up takes at least a week. Reconnecting to all of the websites I work on will be tedious. There just doesn't seem to be a way around this. This is the hidden price of working on a Windows machine.

This all happened because I installed new software. I paid for it, downloaded it and installed it. It’s just a small utility to help create cascading menus for websites. When it was done installing, it asked me to restart the machine, which I did. That was the last time I saw my desktop. The new software screwed up a .dll and the old machine won’t startup. I had run Adaware and a Virus check hours earlier, which I have to do religiously because I work on Windows.

I’m currently on an old laptop. I can get on to the Internets so I can try and find help, but even that is difficult. The Geek Squad would take a week to even come to my home for $250, and dropping it off at Best Buy would take 3 – 5 business days and $200. This is just to get started and doesn’t include anything else. Luckily, a good friend is trying to help, but the time and effort is not trivial.

Since 1987 I’ve owned Macintosh computers. I still own one but the cost to maintain all of the software was prohibitive to keep them both. Three years ago I started using my Windows machine as my primary workstation. No more. Never did I ever lose data or have to reformat a drive for any of my Macs. Not my Mac SE, IIsi, Performa, Quad, PowerComputer, G4 or any of them. Not one. I did have system problems, but I would just put the system disks in or a third party piece of software and fix the problem.

I will make my way back to Apple this week. It will cost a bundle, but I can’t even begin to think of what three crashes on three different machines has cost me. Windows, I will still keep you around for testing and unimportant shite, but my eggs are now back in an Apple basket.


pndragon26 said...

Ohhh Grossman, you made me sign up for google just to say this...
"Welcome back to the fold." Talk to you later.

Marc Rullo said...

My condolences, congratulations and hearty welcome back to Mac. Where did you get that pic of the car crash? It's a nice touch.

Michael Grossman said...

Mark, I found the pic on a Google Images search. It was a good representation of how I was feeling at the time.