Tuesday, August 28, 2007

What Happens When ABCNews.com Posts A Wacky Story About A Wacky Teenager Singing Numa Numa?

ABCNews.com is pushing their new iCaught stuff with its own site and growing mentions on TV. To get your attention they show the typical video clips of lightning strikes, wedding proposals, flash floods and violence. What caught my attention today was that they were hawking a story of the Numa Numa Guy. This is almost three years old?! It was published in 2004, and there was a NY Times article on Gary Brolsma in 2005.

Who is ABCNews.com creating i-Caught for? I have a few things for iCaught to promote next week:

  • The “Oh the humanity!” Hindenburg clip
  • The Zapruder film of the JFK assassination
  • 1940 Tacoma Falls Bridge collapse
  • Neil Armstrong’s first steps on the moon
  • The Death Star exploding
  • Pam & Tommy Lee sex tape

Cutting edge.

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