Sunday, August 19, 2007

Windows Live Writer

This and the previous blog were written with Windows Live Writer, a cool new desktop application by Microsoft. It's not perfect, but gets me closer to how I'd like to blog. Up to now I've written my blog entries in Word and when ready, I upload via Blogger. I do this because Blogger has lost a lot of hours of typing for reasons I can only attribute to dark magic. The only problem I've had with using Word in this manner is that I have to copy/paste to notepad and replace things before I upload to Blogger because of Smart Quotes and other non-web-friendly characters. With Windows Live Writer it's just like working in Word, but I can publish directly to Blogger. The only downer is it can't publish images. I have to go back into Blogger and upload there. I'm sure there's a way around this but so far, so cool.

There are a bunch of other features I haven't had time to dig into yet, but I'm sure there will be a follow-up post coming.

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