Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Random Thoughts From A Down & Out Windows Machine Owner

My new computer hard drive, 30 days or so old, blue-screened this morning. This is after spending several weeks getting everything up and running after last month's crash. I've backed up most things after last crash, but lost 5 drafts for blogs I was working on. I spent 4 hours this afternoon taking in the old machine to the Squad O'Geeks and purchasing a new machine. I am convinced the old Gateway was pure evil. I purchase Best Buy's best HP CPU and a 24" monitor, get home, unpack everything, connect the myriad of wires and...You must be kidding...The new machine won't boot up. It is stuck in a loop of trying to start up and then going into disaster recovery mode. This is right out of the box. I end up packing everything back up and returning it all. They were out of 24" iMacs, otherwise I would be writing this on more comfortable surroundings. Unfortunately, I'm doing so on a relic of a Windows machine from the closet. Sigh. Computers really do suck sometimes.


Anonymous said...

Tsk tsk... get a mac mike!! MK

Keefieboy said...

PCs suck all the time. But I'm still using 'em. Stupid eh?