Saturday, October 13, 2007

Forrester Should Pull The Trigger On Trigger Words

I just read about this report from Forrester and wanted to read more about it. Unfortunately, their signup process was not so good of an experience. After I filled out the pages registration info, I submitted the data. At that point I went to email to see what the next step was. It said:

Welcome To Forrester Research

You may want to save this email so you can log in at a later date.

Please log in by clicking the link below:
Click here to log in

After logging in, you can start taking advantage of the free research and other guest benefits…blah blah blah…

I already had a browser window still open from where I signed up, so I went to log in from there. That gave me this error:

We're sorry, your account has not been activated yet. Please check your email and click on the activation link to begin using your account.

I can figure out what they want me to do, but the problem is there is nothing that says, "activation" on the email from them. I'd connect to that word. I probably would have clicked on that link if they told me in the email I had to use that specific link in order to confirm that it was coming from my email. Trigger words and better language would have saved the day here.

I hope the content there is better than their registration design.

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