Sunday, January 27, 2008

Canon Does Email Unsubscription Poorly

I'm using my iPhone more and more for checking email. On my desktop computer, I can easily get/scan/delete emails that I don't want. On the iPhone this takes too much time. I've had to rethink my opt-in email subscriptions because of this. I have gone in and opted-out of many emails I've subscribed to for a long time. They all didn't want to see me go, and some even asked me why I was opting out. For the most part, when I clicked on that sad, little Unsubscribe link at the bottom of each email, they did just that. One click and poof, up popped a web page that told me I had successfully achieved what I asked for.

That was until I got to my Canon subscription. I did what I did on all the others and went to the bottom of the email and found the typical Unsubscribe link. What I got next was worse than a clingy Jessica Simpson putting out press releases hoping that her relationship with Tony Romo was still intact. Canon wasn't going to let me go that easily. The web page that I was taken to was a Subscribe page. It was built to get me to add topics they could email me about. To actually unsubscribe, I had to read instructions and then one-by-one uncheck each topic. This is not an application built for unsubscription. It's a generic application built to handle multiple scenarios, all poorly. Even at the bottom are a couples notes that read:

Consumer Products include camera, camcoders, printers, scanners, multifunction printers, copiers, fax machines, binoculars, network video solutions, projectors, visualizers and calculators.

If this is in reference to an Industrial, Medical, Semiconductor and Broadcast Product, please contact your dealer or Canon sales representative.

There is a typo on "camcoder"? Oh yes they didn't! They obviously know they have issues with this web page because they have to define what consumer products are. Also, if they are aware that this page doesn't help those with Industrial, Medical, Broadcast and Semiconductor products, why send them here?

Go check the web page out for yourself. It's so generic that it doesn't care where it is spawned from:

While typing this, for whatever reason, Canon has triggered the Rick Astley song from the 80s in my head, "Never gonna give – Never gonna give! Give you up!" Yet another thing to be unhappy about this experience. Thanks Canon! I'll share the pain:

Direct link to this dreadful video

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