Thursday, January 10, 2008

Gmail, The Forgiving Web Application. Yahoo's Flickr, The Couldn't-Care-Less Web Application.

Steve Portigal recently let us know about his overwhelming loss of 5000+ images & Meta data from his Flickr account. Someone phished him and deleted it. I can’t imagine the loss. Today, while I was sending a rather lengthy email from my Gmail account, I accidentally hit the Discard button. I panicked, thinking that I lost the last 20 minutes of work because of my own error. All of a sudden, I see at the top of the page a message highlighted in yellow:

Your message has been discarded. Undo Discard

Wow. They anticipated this. Google values my time. I’m sure someone could have said on the Google development team, "Heck, emails don't ever that long…Just let them retype it." A manager at another company may have grinned and looked at the time saved by not developing this component. Not Google.

This is absolutely nothing compared to what Steve must be going through, but I think that is why I thought of it. His loss is much, much worse. Why didn’t Flickr designers anticipate this? Is Yahoo/Flickr that eager to gain back that space on their servers that they couldn't provide an Undo Discard Years of Work button to their loyal patrons? No grace period to accommodate for fat finger mistakes or drunk-clicking? Shame on you, Yahoo/Flickr people. You beg for users like Steve Portigal and don't deserve them.

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kentosaur said...

If only life came with its own Ctrl+Z undo key! Oh, and a removable back-up drive might be handy.