Monday, January 14, 2008

Timing Is Everything, Especially With Automated Emails

Back in October 2007 I ordered a case for my iPhone off of Amazon. Three months later I get an automated email wishing me a Happy 2008. They asked if I received the case and if I’m happy with it. They thanked me as well, but it is so far away from when it arrived even that feels weird. The oddest thing is that this is an automated email. Someone intentionally sent this 90+ days after the transaction took place. Who would do that? What would be a reason to send something so out of context? Timing is a critical dimension to feedback.

So the answers are...I loved the product and you're welcome. My feedback is, next time ask me for my feedback try doing it maybe a week after I received it at most. Even though this was through a third party seller on Amazon, Amazon’s brand is impacted here.

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