Monday, February 4, 2008

Crowdsourcing Kills Adobe Stock Photos

Adobe is closing its doors to Stock Photos, less than three years after it first opened them. Adobe Stock Photos was an aggregator for stock photo houses such as Comstock and Photodisc. They are trying to gracefully remove the application from its installed base of CS3 users by providing email notification, online FAQs, and a countdown to its doomsday. Here are some of the more colorful answers from Adobe on the demise of Stock Photos:

So, what do you do now? Conclude your business with Adobe Stock Photos.

Will Adobe Stock Photos appear in any form in the next version of Adobe Creative Suite? It is Adobe's corporate policy not to comment on future product strategy.

Why is the service being discontinued? Adobe has decided to concentrate its efforts in other areas.

Hmmmm...No mention of pricing here. Clearly that is a core reason for this. With images costing between $150 - $500 each, I can see why they weren't successful. Wired had an article about how crowdsourcing was killing off professional photography prices last year:

Read more official (non)answers as to why Adobe is closing shop:

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