Friday, March 21, 2008

Air Guitar + Real Guitar = Release Your Rock Star? Guitar Hero Evolves

There has been a lot of discussion and lampooning of Guitar Hero playing versus real guitar playing over the last year. The next phase in the evolution of faux-guitar playing is here in Release Your Rock Star. It's a competition for you to submit a video of yourself Guitar Hero-ing. The best Air-Guitar-Hero-ist will get their likeness digitized to become a virtual guitarist in an upcoming Guitar Hero game. Game player becomes game piece.

Again, fun is a big component to this next step in the Guitar Hero evolution. The Release Your Rock Star competition tosses in a bit of American Idol by having judges rate people who are plastic-rocking-out (view the above video clip). Roller Girl falling on her butt is funny, but the fall & scream at 1:15 by Tin Foil Man is priceless and gets my vote. More Farley-esque Tin Foil Man!

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