Wednesday, March 26, 2008

HBO Circa 1983: When Special Effects Were Comprised of Earthly Elements, Not Digital Ones

This is a behind-the-scenes clip of how the HBO Starship opening from the 80s was created. It's really incredible to see how much was done with real objects, not computer generated ones. Even the sky in the background was created with an airbrush on a huge canvas. The only computer shown in the video (above) has no mouse and the tiniest screen which displays all code. No 'desktop' metaphors here. How did the guy know he was programming the correct stuff? Everything done with video and film making today is real time with instant feedback. Computers are at the core of special effects, not something on the fringe assembling raw organic footage or stop motion effects. Thanks to whoever took the time to digitize this from VHS tape and post it to YouTube. Enjoy:

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