Saturday, May 31, 2008

Microsoft's Zune Still Searching For a Persona

Gamestop has stopped selling Microsoft's wannabe-iPod-killer, the Zune. They have done this after 18 months of carrying the device. Here are some of the reasons people have given:

  • "It just did not have the appeal we had anticipated."
  • "Lack of customer response."
  • "It is still very much a music-focused device, and for a gaming-focused retailer, it doesn't necessarily fit into their product mix."
  • "They may have originally elected to carry Zune with the expectation that it would become more gaming-focused over time, and that really hasn't happened."

The group of people at Microsoft that designed the Xbox are the same folks that produced the Zune. Is this why they assumed that the device would have the same customer archetype? This seems to be a strange correlation. I guess that is why it was funny to see the image of the guy in the tattoo parlor getting the Zune logo inked on to his arm. It's hard to see imagine the persona who loves this product as much as an Apple or Harley product.

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