Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Online Users & Criminals Really Love Pizza

I recently saw the news that Papa John's has just surpassed $1 billion in online sales. It took seven years to accomplish this, and they think that they will reach their second billion in less than 3 years. There was also news recently that Pizza Hut's had 50 million visits on their website since introducing their online ordering technology, "Virtual Waiter" last year. Pizza Hut now offers SMS & mobile web ordering as well. It's interesting how they borrowed the "playlist" concept that remembers your previous orders so your next order is only one-click away from this list.

Numbers like 1 billion and 50 million really surprised me when it came to ordering pizza online. This flew right under my radar. It really is a great indication of where consumers are moving things and how Web 2.0 and beyond can shape things.

On a weird note...
While doing research on Pizza Hut's virtual waiter, I was surprised at how many stories there were on Pizza Hut robberies in the search results. Here are a bunch of headlines that came up:

  • Scottsdale pizza driver punched, robbed
  • Police arrest four for planning Pizza Hut heist
  • Alleged purse snatcher caught after Pizza Hut heist
  • Authorities Probe Pizza Hut Robbery
  • Pizza Hut co-worker threatened
  • Pizza Hut Driver Robbed at Gunpoint
  • Man robbed delivering pizzas in South Bend
  • Man, Teen Accused Of Using Rifles In Pizza Hut Robbery
  • Two Peoria teens indicted in robbery of Pizza Hut driver
  • Pizza Hut Delivery Driver Fired For Shooting Armed Robber

Maybe this was the inspiration for Galactic Pizza, where the delivery people dress up in super hero outfits.

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