Friday, June 20, 2008

Web 2.0 Could Cost Madison Square Garden The New York Rangers

I remember Web 1.0. Heck, I remember Web 0.1 when the computer world revolved around CD-ROMs, with slow dial-up modems taking a backseat. AOL sure did send out a lot of free CDs back then. That was a time when a lot of effort was spent trying to convince people of the value of a website. A lot of people didn't get it. I wish I had a crystal ball back then, and could show those same doubting people what is going on with the New York Rangers.

The NHL is taking the owners of the Rangers to court over "new media" issues. These people are basically suing each other over the control of the Rangers' website. I once had the title of "New Media Specialist" and remember how difficult it was for people to ‘get' what I did. I wonder if I could give expert testimony in this case with that title today?

There is much more going on between these warring factions, but to see that website control is a core sticking point makes me giggle like a little girl inside. I don't think anyone would have believed me in 1997 if I told them that one day Madison Square Garden could lose the Rangers franchise over...their website! I know it's not nice to say this,

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