Thursday, July 10, 2008

Iran Has Bad Photoshop-ing Skills...And Bigger Missiles

Last month I blogged about how Photoshop "Frauding" embarrassed Oscar De La Hoya with phony images of him in fishnets leaked during a court case against him. Today, it isn't a scornful woman releasing doctored photos for money, but a state-run media agency. While promoting the news that Iran is testing new, scary missiles, Iran State Media added an extra missile with Photoshop. The saddest part is that Iran didn't do as good of a job with their frauding as the rebuked, topless dancer did on her photos.

I know that slimming down Mariah Carey's waist for the cover Elle is the norm, but more and more that phony behavior is bleeding into the rest of our culture. Or is it the other way around? Very creepy to think of where things will be in 20 years when it will be even easier to create a realistic-distorted view of the world.

Read more on this from the NY Times:

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