Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Serious Anachronism: Ballmer Says Microsoft Ready To Fight Apple

I read the title of this news story and wondered if I stepped into a time machine. Is it 1984 again? Apple has been delivering great user experiences for over two decades. Now Steve Ballmer realizes how important that is? Here is a quote from the article from Ballmer:

"...there is no doubt that Apple is thriving. Why? Because they are good at providing an experience that is narrow but complete, while our commitment to choice often comes with some compromises to the end-to-end experience."

Microsoft's commitment is to choice and not the user experience. That says it all. Let's see if there really is a shift in the direction of the user experience or if this is rhetoric.

Here is a link to the full article: http://www.crn.com/software/209600615

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