Sunday, August 17, 2008

Images from GEL 2008

Below is a link to an assortment of images I took took while attending Mark Hurst's GEL 2008 conference. GEL stands for "Good Experience Live" and I highly recommend you consider attending this if creating good experience is part of what you do. Sounds kind of silly, because I that is something I think we all do. With that said, I recommend this to everyone.

There was such a wonderful assortment of stories shared across many disciplines and domains. Standouts for me were Alex Lee from OXO, Bridget Duffy from the Cleveland Clinic, Garrett Oliver from the Brooklyn Brewery, Phoebe Damrosch, George Vaillant and Natasha Schull. I was able to walk away from this conference with a lot of ideas and data to include in my work.

Link to the images I took at GEL 2008:

Learn more about GEL:

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