Sunday, August 3, 2008

Is This Really What The NJ Beaches Are About?

I'm from New Jersey. I've witnessed all the stereotypes portrayed on television and movies. When I spotted the video “Guido Beach” on a blog this morning, I thought about how easy it is to create a slanted view of anything.

If you wanted to illustrate how usable a web application was, imagine if you only interviewed the developers. They have no problem using it. 100% usable! Another bit of twisted perspective would be using feedback only from your most advanced users. Will this help you expand your product footprint or just make a tiny percentage of your users happy?

This video is as representative of a NJ beach as Tony Soprano is of Italians. Unfortunately, the scary thing about this video is that even if these are the edge cases, they still exist. I may have to re-think my vacation plans to Cape May.

Guido Beach:

Direct link to video:

Similar to getting a review of the Amazon Kindle from a content provider (Toni Morrison) vs. an actual user:

Direct link to video:

UPDATE: The Guido Beach video has been removed from YouTube. I will re-post if it surfaces again.

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