Monday, August 4, 2008 is a Big, Fat Tease

This morning I saw a link to a story on that I thought was interesting. Microsoft has proven in a new study that, indeed, any 2 people are just 6.6 degrees apart from Kevin Bacon. My initial thought was, "Does Microsoft really have extra time to spend on these kind of studies with all the User Experience Design catch-up they have to do?" But I quickly moved from that to click the link and see the Bacon-data. The problem I had is that the page-title and the sub-title was on the web page when it loaded, but the story content wasn't there and was replaced with this error:

The page you are seeking has expired and is no longer available at However, it may be available at The Washington Post.

Very strange. So they foresaw an error like this and figured it was The Washington Post's fault so they point me over there. So I click on the link taking me to The Washington Post. Despite having to search through 236 links on The Washington Post's homepage, the story I was looking for wasn't there.

Ultimately, Google was able to find me the story. Reprinting The Washington Post's story ended up working fine on I guess using Microsoft technology can't serve up stories on Microsoft as easily as Kansas City can.

Enjoy the article here:

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