Saturday, August 16, 2008

Revisionists Photoshop-ery: Photoshop Frauding Has Cultural Connections

Creating realistic phony images with Photoshop has gone up a notch in the last year. I've blogged about the fake photographs in the Oscar De La Hoya trial, Fox News smearing New York Times reporters and Iran augmenting the number of missiles they test. It's a global epidemic.

The New York Times has an article on people using Photoshop for less dastardly reasons. It discusses how people are using the sophisticated image editing software from Adobe to embellish their photo albums. Placing people in photos that weren't there, altering smiles and bringing relatives back from the dead.

In India, she said, it is a tradition to cut-and-paste head shots of absent family members into wedding photographs as a gesture of respect and inclusion. "Everyone understands that it's not a trick," she said. "That's the nature of the photograph. It's a Western sense of reality that what is in front of the lens has to be true."

Here is a link to the entire NY Times article by Alex Williams:

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