Thursday, September 11, 2008

Switching Brands Without Warning: Confuses Dalmations with Lesbian Beauties

My 5 year old heard that there was a 101 Dalmations 2 movie, and has not stopped asking about it ever since. So off I went to perform a Google search to find this movie and do something special for her. Up popped a link for exactly what I was looking from the website, and it was only $4.94! I clicked on Buy DVD and that is where my troubles began. 

As soon as I clicked on the big, blue Buy DVD button, a pop-up appeared with the following text:

Historical Reference
Sorry - We no longer offer this movie as available for sale. It is being kept on our web site as a historical reference only for the purpose of general information. Also, you may wish to check our movie auction web site, Reel Auction, from time to time, since these "No Longer Available" movies are frequently auctioned off at very low prices.

That is so nice of them! The words "Reel Auction" were underlined blue text, so I quickly clicked on the link to see if I could fulfill my daughter's wishes. Up popped the home page for, and right at the top was a search field. I quickly typed in "101" and hit ENTER. I should have paid a little more attention to the labels or the names of the movies in the auction. The results were entirely made up of pornography. is evidently the world's largest auction website for Adult movies.

How is it possible for to not be aware that people searching for children's movies might not be interested in Sum Yum Ho 2 and On Golden Blonde? What does this do to brand? Maybe before their naughty auctions, used to be generic like an Ebay and never changed their system. Not sure, but I think they may even be breaking the law by showing me adult content without one of those "I am over 21" agreements. One thing has definitely done is garnered some really Bad User Experience with me.

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